maandag 29 juni 2009


mmblog - Workshop 3D - Marie Van Kerckhove

mmblog - Workshop 3D - Ilse Leysen

mmblog - z-scape

[M]IXED [M]EDIA [BLOG] Sint-Lucas Architectuur Gent / Brussel

Het MMBlog wil werk van studenten op een permanente wijze in kaart brengen en zo een archief creëren dat een brug slaat tussen de campussen van Gent en Brussel.

zaterdag 27 juni 2009

Anthony Baab

Anthony Baab - Untitled (detail) (2004)

Anthony Baab - Baths (detail) (2005)

Anthony Baab - A sacred place as a sacred space (2006)
"Geometry, cartography, and taxonomy are based on variations of rules that function as the component parts of a larger whole. An even larger visual language comprised of platonic shapes, numbers, vectors, and grids is used to describe or synthesize nature, yet it’s their reflexive qualities, their inability to transcend normative modes of representation or reification that make them interesting. The layering of art and process by means of labor and result exposes the habits that inform logistical structures as well as pictorial and formal vocabularies. My work addresses themes of transparency physically in the form of tracings and constellation drawings on photographs. " (txt: Anthony Baab)
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donderdag 25 juni 2009

Liesbeth Doornbosch

Liesbeth Doornbosch - z.t. (2002)

Liesbeth Doornbosch - Uitzicht II (2006)

Liesbeth Doornbosch - A's Bureau (2004)

woensdag 24 juni 2009

Sacred Architecture

Christoph Morlinghaus - serie churches
"The often large scale work of Christoph Morlinghaus (°1968 Hamburg) mirrors the size of the cities and places that are his subjects, where people don't seem to exist, which gives an almost surreal, hyper-real feel." (txt: Valérie Hersleven galerie)

dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Chaos doodles

Danny Glix - "Newnac_bl"

Danny Glix - "Whatever"

Danny Glix - "Grmaund"

"Home of obsessive, beautiful art by the master of miniature, tag king glix. Home of the brave, church of psychedelic science." (txt: oparthamburg 2)

Willem Besselink

Willem Besselink - drawings for performative installation 'RePositionen'

Willem Besselink - Installation Kiezwege Chambery (2009)

Willem Besselink - Graphic representation of a history (2007)

"Voor ‘Kiezwege Rotterdam’ maakt Willem Besselink een Rotterdamse versie van een werk dat hij al eerder maakte in Berlijn. In de weken voorafgaand aan de tentoonstelling zal de kunstenaar op gezette tijden de voorbijgangers volgen, die MKgalerie passeren. Hij volgt hen totdat ze ergens naar binnen gaan, of bijvoorbeeld de bus of tram nemen, en noteert daarbij nauwkeurig hun routes. Terug in de galerie verwerkt hij die gegevens in een abstracte visualisatie in de vorm van een ruimtelijke installatie. De regels die hij toepast voor het verkrijgen van de nodige informatie, voor het voorbereiden en voor het uitvoeren van dit werk in Rotterdam zijn exact dezelfde als voor dat in Berlijn. Omdat evenwel de omgeving anders is, met een andere plattegrond, en de objecten van observatie anders zijn, zal uiteindelijk een andere vorm ontstaan." (txt: MKgalerie)

‘Kiezwege Rotterdam’ 4 juli - 9 aug 2009
Opening zaterdag 4 juli 2009 17.00 uur
MKgalerie Rotterdam

maandag 22 juni 2009


Michael Hansmeyer -Subdivision of a cube

Michael Hansmeyer - Platonic Solid - 3e

Michael Hansmeyer - KunstForm 5

"Subdivision of platonic solids using a derivative of the Catmull Clark, Doo Sabin, Loop and Midedge algorithms. Generated in processing, exported as dxf file." Michael Hansmeyer

zondag 21 juni 2009

German Pavilion

Liam Gillick - German Pavilion (foto: © Liam Gillick)
"How are you going to behave? A kitchen cat speaks"
La Biennale di Venezia 2009
"Gillick has transferred his own daily working environment – his kitchen used as an improvised studio – to the German Pavilion. The kitchen-like structure has been constructed from simple pine wood. Lacking in appliances the “kitchen” exists as a diagram of aspiration, function and an echo of applied modernism that resonates in opposition to the corrupted grandeur of the pavilion, which was designed without lavatories, kitchen or any area to rest. The cabinets puncture the doorways leading to the side rooms. The kitchen is in tension with the logic of the building. You could even say it is a legacy of functional modernism that exists to work against the ideology of the pavilion architecture." (txt:

Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore - drawing 4-13-2009

Andy Gilmore - drawing 3-08-2009

Andy Gilmore - drawing 1-22-2009

zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Cube shadow study

F. Delfosse - Cube shadow study n°8

F. Delfosse - Cube shadow study n°4

"Cube compostion & light study: the cube is laid on the floor and the shade is correct and natural"
François Delfosse - Architect from Brussels Belgium.

vrijdag 19 juni 2009

donderdag 18 juni 2009

Marcel Doorduin

Marcel Doorduin - Blue Flat

Marcel Doorduin - Attic V

Marcel Doorduin - Arena
"I want my paintings to become personal interpretations of the surrounding reality, coloured by my view and by my state of mind. I consider my buildings to be self- portraits, accurately reflecting my innermost feelings at that time. I wish to create original art, not just art about art." Marcel Doorduin

woensdag 17 juni 2009

Nori Morimoto

Nori Morimoto - Rural Landscape

Nori Morimoto - Moonlight

Nori Morimoto - City

"Nori Morimoto, a carpenter and artist, uses elemental “tools” such as water, heat and air to coax unusual textures out of wood."


Kevin Bauman
Night scenes from metro Detroit taken over the last ten years.

zondag 14 juni 2009

Pattern Imitation

Richard The - "Pattern Imitation"

"Using grids and patterns is an important exercise in studies of graphic design. Pattern Imitation makes it possible to experience these graphic fundamentals interactively. Starting point is the single unit, which determines the overall visual structure. By actively influencing the single unit the pattern is changed and the user is able to understand the relation between the two."