woensdag 24 juli 2013

Stephan van den Burg

Stephan van den Burg - drawings

Stephan van den Burg (°1974, works and lives in Leiden, NL)

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Dina Kelberman

Dina Kelberman - I'm Google

"I’m Google is an ongoing tumblr blog in which batches of images and videos that I cull from the internet are compiled into a long stream-of-consciousness. The batches move seamlessly from one subject to the next based on similarities in form, composition, color, and theme. This results visually in a colorful grid that slowly changes as the viewer scrolls through it." (txt: Dina Kelberman)


donderdag 18 juli 2013

Conrad Shawcross

 Conrad Shawcross - (Icosahedron) Arrangement 2 a-d (2012)

 Conrad Shawcross - Lattice Cube (2010)

Conrad Shawcross - Slow Arc Inside a Cube IV (2009)


maandag 15 juli 2013

Carsten Gliese

 Carsten Gliese - Eingangsbauwerk, Gebäudeteil K, Universität Wuppertal (2011)

 Carsten Gliese - Flur (2009)

Carsten Gliese - Interieur IX (2008)

Carsten Gliese (°1965 Germany)

dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Arturo Berned

 Arturo Berned - Head V

  Arturo Berned - BOX XXXIX

 Arturo Berned - Head IX

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Jennifer Mason

 Jennifer Mason - New Spaces

 Jennifer Mason - Physical structures

Jennifer Mason - Spatial disruptions


woensdag 3 juli 2013

Neil Ayling

 Neil Ayling - Cut-out IV (2010)

 Neil Ayling - Flection (2011)

Neil Ayling - Sabre (2011)


dinsdag 2 juli 2013