maandag 31 augustus 2009

Marte Johnslien

Marte Johnslien - The Reappearance
(Butterfly Species in the Goetheanum Garden) 2008

Marte Johnslien - M.310

Marte Johnslien - 18% Gray

donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Heidi Linck

Heidi Linck - And we watched the world go by (2006)

Heidi Linck - Let's dance (2007)

Heidi Linck - Welcome (2008)

woensdag 26 augustus 2009


Elliott Wilcox - Rackets 02

Elliott Wilcox - Real Tennis 04

Elliott Wilcox - Squash 01

"This work examines representations of the enclosed spaces of sports courts. In photographing the empty courts, absent of the fast paced action we are so familiar with, these environments reveal themselves in a new light. The non-judgemental image creates an experience to explore, a path to revealing the unnoticed and exposing the unexposed, consequently romanticising the courts." txt: Elliott Wilcox

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Bild Raum

Irina Jansen - Bild Raum 170

Irina Jansen - Bild Raum 169

Irina Jansen - Bild Raum 167

Irina Jansen (°1979)
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maandag 24 augustus 2009

Kissing the ceiling

Fred Muram - Kissing the ceiling

Nancy White

Nancy White - Dk-Bl view two (2009)

Nancy White - Gouache on hand tinted paper #92 (2008)

Nancy White - M-Br-Rd view two (2009)

Michael Ciervo

Michael Ciervo - Untitled (2007)

Michael Ciervo (°1982 Wilmington, DE - Leeft en werkt in Philadelphia, USA)

vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Tamir Sher

Tamir Sher - Openings

Tamir Sher - Mars

Tamir Sher - Mars

Tamir Sher (°1966 Israel)

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Slotervaart Alphabet

Het Slotervaart Alphabet is opgebouwd uit verschillende gebouwen die zich bevinden in de buurt van de studio 'Glorius Vander Ven' in Amsterdam Slotervaart.

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

City Dust / Dresden

Jeroen Kramer - City Dust / Dresden

Dessins 18x24cm

Bertrand Segers - Gloshmol - Maison Pont Levis (18x24cm)

Bertrand Segers - Gloshmol - Maison En Abîme (18x24cm)

Bertrand Segers - Gloshmol - Maison Eglise (18x24cm)

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Industrial Landscape(ing)

J Bebbett Fitts - Single Sapling

J Bebbett Fitts - Symmetrical Trees

J Bebbett Fitts - Two trees
"Fitts conceived of these works as a response to Lewis Baltz’ striking 1970’s series of photographs of Irvine warehouses. Fitts expands on the theme of the strangely manicured, isolated space; manufactured environments that seem to quantify the human experience of literal space and how it is utilized as an oddly dissociative landscape where all trace of human interaction is missing. Instead what we find in these images are representations of the natural world codified and contained within the corporate agenda.
These buildings seem to have been designed for the 'low impact visual experience', meaning their appearance is deliberately innocuous. The landscape also reflects this same sense of disconnection and manicured precision as lone trees punctuate the otherwise bland surroundings. Lone trees appear almost as afterthoughts, isolated representations of nature thrown in for good measure." (txt: kopeikin gallery)

Rinus Roelof

Rinus Roelof - Slide-together structure - 6 elements

Rinus Roelof - Non-flat tilings with flat tiles (2009)

Rinus Roelof - Connected Holes (2008)

"Rinus Roelofs was born in 1954. After studying Applied Mathemathics at the Technical University of Enschede, he took a degree from the Enschede Art Academy with a specialization in sculpture. His commissions come largely from municipalities, institutions and companies in the Netherlands, but his work has been exhibited further afield, including in Rome as part of the Escher Centennial celebrations in 1998."

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009


Jan Kempenaers - Spomenik #1

Jan Kempenaers - Spomenik #2

Jan Kempenaers - Spomenik #3

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donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Aeneas Wilder

Aeneas Wilder - project Untitled # 109

Aeneas Wilder - project Untitled # 111

Aeneas Wilder - project Untitled # 114