maandag 20 juli 2009


Georg Parthen - Carports
'Carports' is a documentary work about how people (germans?) relate to their cars as a very special form of private property. During the last 15 years Carports have squeezed the classic garage as 'car-shelters' out of the face of modern german neighborhoods. As cheap and pragmatic buildings they allow owners to protect their vehicles and at the same time to show them as status symbols.
In north-german Oldenburg where building land is still rather cheap and many people fullfil their dream to become homeowners instead of renters, a mass of carports can be found. In my images i pick up the already very present order and tidyness of the subject in front of the camera and further aggravate this impression by choice of angle, clipping and retouching.
The resulting series presents the vision of a sunny, clean and strange world where everything is 'in order'. But is it?
Georg Parthen (°1977 Germany)

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