zondag 25 januari 2009

Katherine Lubar

Katherine Lubar - Homage to Hopper;
after 'Sun in an Empty Room' (2004)
(Afm.: 117 x 137 cm)

Katherine Lubar - Falling up the Steps (2004)
(Afm.: 119 x 149 cm)

Katherine Lubar - Bars (2000)
(Afm.: 149 x 115 cm)

"My main interest is in light and the emotional, psychological and visual effects of its patterns on man-made structures such as buildings and interiors. I am also interested in the reverse of this: the shadow - which is the negative space of light. Light and shadow create a kind of geometry that I abstract/minimize to a certain extent, so as to focus on form rather than content. In addition, I like to play with elements of perspective, hovering between ideas of flatness and depth on the picture plane." (Katherine Lubar)

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