vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

Oscar Lourens

Oscar Lourens - Stavros (2009)

Oscar Lourens - Eleochori (2009)

"Greek concrete skeletons are like modernist buildings. For the artist Oscar Laurens, they form a perfect study into the essentials of the use and the dimensions of space. Oscar Lourens registered and captured houses under construction in north-east Greece. Back in his studio, Lourens meticulously reconstructed the buildings from the images on a 1:20 scale. Lourens' aim however, was not solely to collect and file the buildings, but to investigate what would happen with the meaning of an object when it was resized and placed in a different setting. Indeed, instead of copying the original structure, the reconstruction transformed the object. Even though Lourens never deviated from the original photographic blueprint, the result of his work was no longer the original semi-manufacture, a house on its way to completion, but a completely new and finished product. The model turned out not to be a model at all. " (txt: www.oscarlourens.nl )

Oscar Lourens (°1973 - lives & works in Arnhem)

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