dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Ward Denys

Ward Denys - Fermette & billboard (2004)

Ward Denys - Graz installation (2009)

Ward Denys - Roof (2008)

Ward Denys - Shade Space (2010)

"Through the cross-sectioning of visual arts and architecture, Ward Denys transcends the boundaries of the functional and the dysfunctional, of the inside and outside, of surface and depth. His installations, posited in a minimalist rigor, respond to architectural givens, in compliance and vis-à-vis; they create as much rhythm as counter-rhythm, producing physical disorientation through their mirroring effects. Denys’ works then, built out of plywood and cardboard, manifest themselves as unsettling fragments of architecture, simultaneously taking the status of propositions towards further execution and integration, and remnants, parts of the construction process that were never fully realized. " (txt: Ward Denys)

Ward Denys (°1975 Izegem - Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium)

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