zondag 14 februari 2010

Oscar Stegehuis

Oscar Stegehuis - render A
Light-tracer-in-the-room (2005)

Oscar Stegehuis - Moerwijk - A (2006)

Oscar Stegehuis - game modification D
InGameScreenShot00922 (2006)

"A virtual environment is alive and invites the inhabitants to change or affect its content. Unlike painting, photography, video and movies, which are by nature rigid, virtual space has an impermanent and free nature. It is less ‘heavy’ than traditional media and leaves room for humor and experiment. The trick is to deliver the content to the audience in such a way that these qualities emerge. When reality is simulated in a different medium, it being a painting, sculpture or another medium, it reflects on reality. The same goes for computer generated space. Because of a certain level of realism it reveals things about reality. How our lives are organized, our houses are constructed, cities have emerged, and space has been arranged." (txt: O. Stegehuis)


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