vrijdag 16 oktober 2009


Cityscapes by Marc Yankus

"I am especially fascinated with the city in its rare moments of tranquility as it sinks into slumber, as it rouses itself to face a new day. At such times the city is all abstraction looming shapes, diffused light, spectral shadows. In these moments of transient repose, when its elements are briefly cloaked in softness, a kind of beauty envelops even the most mundane street scenes… and my work aims to capture that ineluctable quality.
This process of superimposing the old on the new serves as a metaphor for my wider conceptual interests, because my newest works which are hushed and introspective, and which can be touched with melancholy are, ultimately, reflections of the past, of my past, and of the passage of time."
(txt: Marc Yankus)


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Sarah zei

These are absolutely beautiful...perfectly capturing the tranquility found in those rare 'between' moments amidst the bustle of city life. The 'tween' times.