dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Nicola Lopez

Nicola Lopez - Coriolis Effect (2008)

Nicola Lopez - Concentration City - panel 3 (2007)

Nicola Lopez - Block City (2007)

"The landscape that we live in has become saturated with signs of the easy mobility, speed, constant communication, imposition of structure, insistence on growth and glorification of technology that have come to be so characteristic of our society today. My work incorporates these signs, exaggerating and reconfiguring them in order to build maps that convey the sense of wonder and vertigo that is inevitable as we face the landscape of today’s world. I draw on the visual language of cartography in order to evoke the idea of mapping, although my maps do not refer to actual places. Neither are they depictions of utopias or dystopias; they are maps that represent how our actual world is structured, not on a literally geographical, but on an experiential level." Nicola Lopez


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