maandag 19 januari 2009

Renate Buser

Renate Buser - Eisengasse

Renate Buser - Maison Blanche

Renate Buser - Rue du panorama 4

Renate Buser (°1961 Zwitserland) maakt sinds 1997 grootschalige monumentale installaties in de pubieke ruimte.

"Since I was in Montreal 10 years ago, architecture has been one of my favorite subjects. Architecture combines the built and the constructed with the unpredictible and the lively. Architecure shows, in an cultural development, social relations and gives form to structures of power. What I am concerned about in my photographic work is perspective, eye level, the relation between man and architecture and between space and body. Size and scale are important factors in my work. Photographic images of (mostly) architectural photographs are put into a relation with a certain space. I work outside, in public spaces, because the photographs are challenged in a different way than in white cube situation. My new work tends to be more “constructed.” The perspectives move with the eye of the beholder. I try to to create a tension between a photographic image and the space around it, between illusion and reality, and between the inside and the outside." RENATE BUSER

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